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    1. Hi Isis: If the only injury is to you, and you are the arrestee, then no. A GBI allegation can only be filed if your conduct seriously injured another party.

  1. My 14 year old son got in a fight with a 17 year old boy who had been bullying him and now the DA wants to charge my son with Felony assault. There is video but the only video was recorded once the fight was in progress. Can they really use the video to charge my son?

    1. Yes. The video and any corroborating witness information may be used against your son in a criminal prosecution. However, if the video shows something that is helpful to his defense, it can also be used as a tool for the defense attorney.

  2. If a victim of great bodily harm was never offered or informed of victim services for a case that happened in 2005 in CA can they get restitution still when the GBH was caused by a person punching the victim in the ear leaving the inner eardrum to complete be disruptive and to the very day have hearing loss from that ear,daily liquid waxy blood that needs to be cleaned out more then once a day,unable to have water in that ear,not being able to submerge their head in water like swimming or taking a bath cause it is too painful? Along with that having a newborn infant in there arms while that crime took place, had to go to a hospital, then never heard from police authorities,the DA, or was offer nor informed of any victim services?