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  1. I recently had a run in with loss prevention in Glendora California at the local Home Depot. The items in my cart that i was accused of not paying for I had paid for online as an in store pick up a few hours prior to my arrival at the store. The LP kept saying I stole them because I didnt go through the correct pick up procedure, however this was my first time doing in store pick up I usually have my items mailed/shipped. I realize I am at fault for not reading the fine print and checking my email for the the follow up, but I even stopped at the associate watching over self checkout and showed him my phone with the purchased items and pointed to them in my cart and got the “okay” from him to leave that he didnt know the procedure for how exactly in store pick up worked and what was required of him. How can I fight this? I wasnt arrested but i didnt steal anything either the LP took my items from me and photographed me then escorted me to customer service where they did not have my items it turns out they were in a locker and not in a bag or with a receipt to essentially the same way I had them in my cart. I made no effort to conceal anything, I questioned store employee before leaving to make sure it was all good for my in store pick up and this lunatic almost makes me late tries shaming me and for what? not picking u[p my paid for merchandise the way he wanted. I dont feel this man should be allowed to do this to people and then threaten me with police if I try and write my statement on the blank sheet he pressured me to sign. What are my options?