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  1. My fiance turned himself in for missing appointment with his probation officer during which time he was in rehab due to a drug relapse. He came home and from there got work held down an apartment and stayed clean before turning himself in he wrote a letter to his p.o before turning himself in explaniexp why he missed their appointment and that he has been clean along with getting the vivitrol shot.. I’m not sure what to do or if there is something I can do since this is his second violation but also first time turning himself in..

    1. He should hire an attorney to assist him in the possible violation of probation. It sounds like he has a compelling mitigation circumstance.

  2. My sister was arrested yesterday on a jail warrant for a pc484 am there’s no bail what does that mean ? She going to be dropped from her classes at her college what can I do to help her ?

  3. Does a female officer need to be present when a female has a felony out of county arrest warrant and the sheriffs go to her home to arrest her?