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  1. how do you feel about someone lying to get a restraining of civil harassment? Nothing they stated had any truth to it. At the time of the hearing can the judge charge that person with perjury if in fact that she can not provided any truth and the defendant can prove it?

  2. Nadine Hastings and Misty Pcuhal lied about me in court Third Judicial District Court of Yerington Nevada. I was fighting to keep my granddaughter Jordanna Young Bird from being put in a mental hospital. So Nadine or Misty lied on court papers said I have dementia which I don’t I have proof from my Doctor. I also have text messages from Misty Pcuhal and Nadine Hastings. Nadine was telling Misty what to do. Misty also lied to Fort Berthold tribal courts tribal and social services. Jordanna has been in the mental hospital for over four years now. She was put their because Nadine hates my daughter Leslie Carol Young Bird. Their more to tell you toto. I hope you can help me. Or give me advice. Thank you.