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  1. I have a real estate license and I have witnessed an unlicensed person getting involved in licensed real estate activities. Do I have an obligation to report that to the Bureau of Real Estate or to the local authorities?

    1. Hi Mike: It’s unclear from your question whether the person you are referencing has committed a crime to which the mandated reporter laws apply. The answer is that it depends on the circumstances as well as the state in which you practice.

      1. California. Business and Professions Code. I watched someone without a real estate license performing acts requiring one.

  2. Having just viewed the confirmation hearing of Judge Kavanaugh, it was ascertained that Calif Senator Diane Feinstein had information from Dr Ford that Dr Ford claimed she was sexually assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh. In the state it was claimed to have happened there is no statute of limitations for ‘attempted rape”, and it is a felony. Was Sen Feinstein in violation of the bystander law by not reporting that crime to the proper authorities?