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Recent case victories

DUI Dismissed, DMV Hearing Won

Case: People v. M.M.

Courthouse: Santa Clarita

Background: First time DUI with a traffic collision.  Client is a 35 year old male with no criminal history.  He provided 2 breath sample readings registering 0.08% both times.  Client had a passenger in the vehicle with him.  The passenger was not injured.    During cross examination, the officer admitted that he could not determine the exact time of the traffic collision.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys successfully argued that without a time of accident, it was impossible to determine the time of driving and therefore impossible to determine the BAC at the time of driving.

DUI Dismissed

Case: People v. J.M.

Courthouse: San Fernando

Description: Client charged with DUI after being involved in an accident.  Client has 1 prior DUI within the 10 year statutory period.  Client’s BAC registers as 0.25% on the breath test at the station.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys pointed out to the prosecutor that based on the facts, there was no way to prove that Client was the driver.  Prosecutor was convinced to dismiss the case entirely.  Client avoids mandatory jail, license suspension, fines and programs.

DUI With Accident Reduced To Wet Reckless

Case: People v. A.T.

Courthouse: Pasadena

Description: Client involved in minor traffic collision with no injuries.  Client was arrested for DUI and submitted to a blood test. Clients blood registered a reading of .14 Aizman Law Firm attorneys retested the blood at an independent laboratory which produced a blood reading of .09. Based on this new evidence the prosecutors were willing to reduce the DUI to a Wet Reckless.

Felony Vehicle Theft Dismissed

Case: People v. J.K

Courthouse: West Covina

Description: Client charged with felony unlawful taking of a vehicle without the owner’s consent out of West Covina. Negotiated a deal with the Deputy DA that if client paid full restitution to the victim, the case would be dismissed. Client ended up with no convictions, no jail time and no court fees.

3rd Time DUI Receives Electronic Monitoring In Lieu of Jail

Courthouse: Los Angeles Airport Courthouse

Description: Client has 2 prior convictions for DUI with the the 10 year statutory period.  Client was pulled over for swerving on the freeway and arrested after performing field sobriety tests. Client registered .09 on the breath test at the station. Aizman Law Firm attorneys were able to convinced the judge to impose electronic monitoring instead of jail time.  Client was ordered to enroll in and complete an 18 month alcohol education class and attend 52 AA Meetings.

Felony Hit and Run Causing Injury Dismissed

Case: People v. C.R.

Courthouse: Pomona

Description:  Client charged in the Pomona Courthouse with felony hit and run causing serious injury.  Further allegations making the case a strike offense were also alleged. After an extensive defense investigation, client was ultimately cleared by DNA evidence and the case was dismissed.

No Jail On 2nd time DUI

Case: People v. JP.B

Courthouse: Santa Clarita

Description: Client was pulled over for excessive speed and arrested for DUI after registering a breath test reading of 0.14%.  Client then submitted to a blood test and registered a 0.164% BAC.  Client has one prior conviction for DUI within the 10 year statutory period, however Aizman Law Firm attorneys were able to convince the prosecutor to offer a no-jail sentence to a first offense DUI and discount the prior entirely.

DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless

Case: People v. J.C.

Courthouse: Metropolitan Courthouse

Description: Client was charged with a first time DUI after being pulled over for taking a wide turn and swerving.  After arrest, client registers a 0.15% BAC on a breath testing instrument.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys subpoena CHP dash camera footage showing that the turn was not overly irregular and there was no swerving.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI and reduce the charge to a Wet Reckless despite the high BAC.

Prison and a Strike avoided in a Robbery Case

Case: People v. C.C

Courthouse: North Justice Center, Orange County

Description:  Client charged with robbery in the Orange County Court, North Justice Center.  Our attorneys were able to convince prosecutors to dismiss the robbery and allow client to plea to a lesser charge of theft. Client was able to avoid a strike conviction and jail/prison time.

Felony Domestic Violence Charges Rejected

Case: People v. V.O.

Courthouse: San Fernando

Description:  Client arrested for felony domestic violence. We made contact with the investigating officer and provided evidence that the complaining witness was exaggerating her claims. Case presented to the San Fernando DA’s office and ultimately was declined for both felony and misdemeanor filing.

2nd Time DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless

Case: People v. T.L.

Courthouse: Van Nuys

Description: Client charged with 2nd time DUI while still on probation for first DUI.  Client pulled over for making a wide turn and swerving.  After arrest, client’s BAC is 0.09% at the station.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys subpoena the CHP dash camera footage and file a motion to suppress the evidence because the officer exaggerated the reason for the stop and the driving did not rise to the level of reasonable suspicion.  Prior to the court hearing the motion, the prosecutor offers a reduction to a wet reckless, removes all jail time and reduces the fines substantially.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys also present the footage at the DMV hearing and successfully challenge the constitutionality of the stop resulting in a win at the DMV hearing.  Client suffers no license suspension and serves no jail time.

Misdemeanor Vandalism Charges Result in Dismissal

Case: People v. I.R.

Courthouse: Harbor Justice Center, Orange County

Description: Client charged with misdemeanor vandalism out of the Harbor Justice Center in Orange County court.  Client alleged to have punctured the tire of the complaining witness.  The prosecutor was in possession of a video showing client’s involvement. Effective negotiating results in a dismissal for the client, resulting in no criminal record and no court fines.

DUI Reduced to Infraction

Case: People v. R.L.

Courthouse: Van Nuys

Description: Client was pulled over on the freeway for speeding.  Client performs poorly on the field sobriety tests and registers a reading of 0.08% BAC at the station.  Aizman Law Firm attorneys convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a speeding ticket based on a mitigation package showing that the client would have lost his employment if convicted of any misdemeanor offense.  Client avoids criminal conviction and is able to keep his job.

Petty Theft With Multiple Prior Convictions Avoids Jail & Fines

Case: People v. K.J.

Courthouse: LAX

Description:  Client charged with petty theft in the LAX courthouse.  Client has multiple prior convictions for similar offenses. Original offer from prosecutor is 30 days in jail. After extensive negotiations and an effective mitigation package, client is placed on summary probation with no jail, no fines and no community labor or service.

DUI Reduced to Wet Reckless

Case: People v. A.M.

Courthouse: Santa Clarita

Description: Client was charged with a first time DUI after being pulled over for excessive speed.  Client blew on the preliminary alcohol screening device at the scene and registered 2 readings of 0.10% BAC.  Client then submitted to a blood test which also produced a reading of 0.10%.  Despite client’s criminal history (not DUI related but serious nonetheless), Aizman Law Firm attorneys were able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the DUI charges in exchange for a reduced charge and lesser sentence.

Felony Possession For Sale Dismissed

Case: People v. D.S.

Courthouse: San Fernando

Description:  Client charged with felony possession for sale of marijuana charges in the San Fernando courthouse after admitting to selling multiple pounds of marijuana just before the law enforcement contact. Client admitted to officer that he had a large scale marijuana grow operation and showed him photos and videos of the same. We were able to convince prosecutors to amend the charges to cultivation and allow client to participate in a diversion program in order to obtain a dismissal of all charges and preserve the client’s record.

Client Avoids Felony Conviction in Theft Case

Case: People v. R.M.

Courthouse: Downtown Los Angeles

Description:  Client charged with grand theft out of the Clara Shortridge Foltz courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Allegation is that client misappropriated several hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients. After negotiations with the prosecutor and the presentation of an impressive mitigation package, client was able to earn a reduction to a misdemeanor.

Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon Dismissed

Case: People v. G.F.

Courthouse: Antelope Valley/Lancaster

Description:  Client charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon out of the Antelope Valley Courthouse. After conducting the preliminary hearing, our attorney was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the charges if client completes community service. Client was able to maintain his clean record and avoid jail and court fines.

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