California Criminal Law Case Process

Investigation & Defenses In A Criminal Case

Articles about proving and disproving guilt in a criminal trial.

How To Use Entrapment As A Defense To Criminal Charges
Entrapment as a defense can arise from police misconduct

Forensic Science Guide To Crime Scene Investigation
A guide for the use of forensic evidence in crime scene investigation.

Additional Resources
Motion to dismiss paperwork
Legal Motions

Resources on legal motions that can be filed in court to help defend cases.

judge reading criminal sentence

Learn about sentencing in criminal cases and post conviction matters.

Criminal Code Sections

California Criminal Code Sections

Articles explaining the various code sections associated with crimes.

California Penal Code
100+ resources including articles on California’s penal code.

California Vehicle Code
30+ resources on California’s vehicle code.

California Health And Safety Code
Find out about the California health and safety code

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