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  1. Hello Diana or Aizman Firm, My name is Cameron, i just had a case against me dismissed today, it was for Felony Police Evasion on the freeway as well as a probation violation. I was on felony probation for 2.9years about to get off it on 9/27/19. On 6/10/19 i was charged, arrested, and loss my job from the whole thing. i was told i wanted to get a clean dismissal. The Probation Violation was dropped today as well as the Evading Charge, but i didn’t have my license at the time, only a valid permit. I obtained my license 2 weeks after the incident and before my court appearance. my questions are if they dismissed these charges but kept on the Infraction 12500 VC, can i still file for wrongful arrest, since it was originally for “Evading?” which was Dismissed completely?