30+ Resources: California Drug Crimes

California laws on on illegal substances include the possession,  cultivation, sales, transportation &  distribution of illegal narcotics as well as legal drugs which must be prescribed by a licensed health practitioner.

Drug Laws
Drug Possession, Sales & Transportation
Illegal Substances
  • Ecstacy – Learn about California’s criminal laws on ecstasy or “molly.”
  • GHB – Understand the penalties for GHB possession and possession for sale.
  • Ketamine – This article explains the legal elements, defenses & penalties for violating laws n ketamine possession and distribution.
  • Meth – Read about the various healht and safety code violations whihc include the possesion or sale of methamphetamine.
  • Marijuana Possession While Driving – Find our how California treats Marijuana possession in this circumstance.
  • PCP or “Angele Dust” – Learn about the penalties for PCP possession and transport.
  • Designer Drugs – Learn about the defenses and penalties of designated substances.
  • Vicodine Laws – Understand the laws for possession, possession for sale and transportation of vicodin.
DUI Drugs
Informational Videos On Drug Crimes & Sentencing
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Attorney Diana Aizman Discusses “Meth” Laws
Attorney Diana Aizman Discusses Drug Paraphernalia
Diana Aizman Explains Proposition 47
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