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  1. Hello my name is Paul Sitani my case is like this I went to pick up my aunty for her dialysis.So I parked in the alley which it’s more easier for her to load up.while I was in the house I hear a big camotion out in the alley.I go out there and there’s like six officers out there.They see me tell me to put my hands up,throw me on the police car and start searching me.I ask them what’s going on they say they got a call saying someone car is being broken in to and ask me who’s car is this.I tell them it’s mine.They ask if they could search it I say yes.In the mean time the officer that’s searching me finds a little bag of meth on me.Here’s the kicker the pants I was wearing was some pants of mine I found in the garage which I couldn’t find in about 2 years.i checked the pockets before I wore it.but not the little pocket and that’s were he found it.Now in the police report they said that they found it in the vehicle which I gave consent to search. That’s a lie they search me without consent and that’s where they found it.Now I’m facing deportation because I’m a permanent residence

    1. Hi Poko. That sounds like a very traumatic situation. I’m sorry you are facing these charges and a possible deportation. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your case further.