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  1. in the state of ca.what is the amount of meth in your possession that determines whether its personal use or sales

    1. Hi Kristina: Sales v. personal use is based on more than just the amount of the drugs. Typically prosecutors are also looking for other evidence of sales such as scales, baggies, pay/owe sheets, etc. A large quantity coupled with one or all of those items will likely result in a sales filing.

  2. My partners charge on sheriffs website says 11378(a) but on the San Bernadino Court website it shows 11377 as a misdemeanor. Bail was reduced 50k to 25k. What source should I trust?..Booking# is 1811370106

    1. The court website is the final decision from the DA. The Sheriff may book a suspect on one charge, but the DA didn’t believe that charge was appropriate and decided to reduce it based on the facts in the report.

  3. In regards to a possession
    misdmeanor charge. Then failure to appear, ending in a $2500 bench warrant, what should the next step taken by the person with a $2500 Bench Warrant?

    1. Hi John: The only way to clear a warrant in CA is to go to the courthouse from where it was issued and ask the Judge to recall the warrant. I recommend having an attorney with you for that purpose.

  4. Hello I recently had to do a background check and a case shows up for transportation of a controlled substance for sales & posession of a controlled substance for sales filed in 7/2017 I haven’t had no encounters with law enforcement at all since 2012 which has been cleared. When I called bpd/sheriff/chp they’ve all said that the case number does not belong to them. Also that it doesn’t show anything except that its filed and that there’s a warrant and that no arrests was made. That I would have to turn myself in and post bail to clear warrant and get a court date. Do I need to get a lawyer and is it possible to clear the warrant without turning myself in and having to pay to bail out

  5. A guy was at my house with my boyfriend while i was sleeping that was apparently on the run & the cops knew he was there so they came in & pulled me out of bed arrested me & my bf. My bf was on ab109 so they searched and found the guy hidding in my closet & also found meth. They charged us all with poss for sales. Since then i bailed out, the guy on the run had those charges dropped i guess & my bf is in jail. Can me & my bf both be convicted of the same charge even tho i was asleep & had no knowledge of what was going on??

    1. You can both be convicted of the same charge if they can prove that you were both involved. However, based on your comment, you may have a defense here. You should contact an attorney in the county in which you were arrested and request a consultation.

  6. I got a ticket in Fontana Ca for possession of less then a quarter gram of meth I had in center console of my truck it’s my first drug offense and I was wondering what can I expect at my court hearing?