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        1. Are you eligible for prop 47 reduction? If so, you may want to try to obtain that relief to ensure that your firearms rights are in tact.

  1. I completed the PC-1000 program in the INDIO, CA court. When I search my case is shows that have received my proof of completion and my completion hearing date is still set. Do I need to show up to the proof of completion hearing? I remember the judge saying all I had to do was complete the program and make sure the completion was submitted and I would not have to come back.

    1. Usually, yes. Your presence is required for the hearing so that you may make the appropriate motion to dismiss the charges against you. Make sure to bring your completion paperwork with you to the hearing. Never rely on the program to turn it in for you. Congratulations on being finished!

      1. Thank you.

        The court records show that my completion certificate has been filed. Does that make a difference? I never went for my proof of enrollment hearing either.

        Just want to make sure, thank you!

      2. What if you moved out of state after completing? There’s no way I can travel back to California from Oklahoma for the final hearing. Not only can I not afford it, I will be 8 months pregnant and my doctor says I probably shouldn’t. I have called my court appointed attorney EVERY DAY and he will not return my calls.

  2. I didnt complete the classes the court order me to complete cause i did not have a job and could not get ahold on the almost 300 dollars it was for me to take the clases now i iave a job and for sure be able to pay the amount but my court is today what should i say in my defence hopefulky can give me 6 months more to complete it

  3. Is pc1000 for adults or minors only? & if completeing pc1000 would I be able to own a firearm if the charges are then dismissed thus not being convicted of a felony?