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  1. Hi my wife got arrested for public intoxication few days ago she was at a bar that is close to our house and decided to walk back home because she had lost her cellphone so she couldn’t call me or an uber and she also took her shoes off because her feet were hurting. On her way back home a cop pulled over to check on her and arrested her after the officer saw she was intoxicated but she wasn’t insulting or threatening anyone it was 12am and the streets were empty. What can we do in this case can we fight it ?

    1. Hi Daniel: I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s experience. This is definitely a defensible case and depending on the circumstances could result in a dismissal. Please feel free to contact our office for a consultation.

  2. Hi I am 19 years old and got arrested for being drunk in public. I was at a party and drank too much so my friends decided to take me home. We were about 200 feet from my house when I was arrested. I do not remember much because I had drank too much however, my friends said I was not doing anything crazy. I was just walking home stumbling around a little bit. I answered all the cops questions and was complying to all of their requests. To me it seems unfair that I was arrested right around the corner from my house. I never drank in public I was trying to get home from a party.