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  1. Hi
    I have class A drivers license which is suspended because of DUI. I got two latters from DMV one says my license suspended for 4 months and other says my CDL is suspended for 1year. Can I get my class C license after 4 month suspension while court decision is pending?

    1. Hi Shrepak: Typically, the Class A will be suspended for 1 year if you did not win the DMV hearing. The class C license should be reinstated at the conclusion of the 4 months or if you are eligible for a restricted license, you may apply for a restricted class C. Best of luck in your case!

      1. Thanks Diana
        My class C suspension period ending soon but the problem is I didn’t get to decision from the court yet. Can I still able to get Class C back after finising suspension time?

        1. You should contact the attorney that represented you in court and ask them for guidance on when the court case will be completed. They should be able to provide you with advice on how to proceed.

  2. If I got 2 DUI’s, 20 years ago, do I still have to complete the 18 month program for my license? It’s been revoked for 20 years.