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  1. I’ve been watching some of your videos, and the more I watch I realize my lawyer I had didn’t know what he was doing. Let me start off with this. I’m from Wisconsin and I know some laws differ from California . HOWEVER. Our constitutional rights remain the same I believe my 4th and 5th amendment rights where violated. But my LAWYER never once brought that up before and during my trial. I knew my DUI was gonna be televised on the news. And yes it was on the local news. But everything that they said was all incorrect. Making me look like I’m a bad citizen when in REALITY. The police officer didn’t know his own laws. What I want to do is actually put the videos on YouTube to have everyone watch how corrupt the system really is. Let me tell you a little about the case. First off I would like to say at the point of me getting pulled over I had a active breathalyzer installed. This device is to prevent you from driving under the influence. Wisconsin limit is a .08. However if the device is installed it’s a. 02 restriction. So I pick up my buddy who is really drunk from the bar. Long story short I slam his drink. Because I needed to work the next day and he didn’t want to leave until his drink was finished. I know the drink was strong but I blow into my breathalyzer and I passed. Right when I pulled out not even 2 minutes went passed I get pulled over. The cop lied on why he pulled me over . He said my license was revoked. I said I have all the proper information that says I’m not. Then he said have u been drinking I smell alchohol I said that’s my buddy I just picked him up to bring him home. And I have a breathalyzer installed in my truck. He said u do. I said yes. Now when he returns he said Jesse step out of the vehicle. I did. Then he said im gonna be completely honest with you . I pulled you over because you have a warrant. When looking back at all this. He didn’t pull me over for a warrant he just found out I had a warrant when he went back to his squad car. So basically he pulled me over for nothing. But here is where it gets really messed up. As I’m being arrested. Keep in mine I already have handcuffs on and he is searching my pockets he ask me again if I drank tonight. I told him the truth and said I finished my buddy’s drink. But I’m fine because I passed my breathalyzer. He said okay that’s fine. As I’m sitting in the back of the squad car. I’m getting really upset because they couldn’t show me the warrant. Till this day I haven’t seen anything about a active warrant I had. Actually when I did my own investigation. I seen it on CCAP. However the warrant was not active. They dismissed the warrant. Now the warrant was from a unpaid ticket. Normally they garnish my taxes. So I called the tax people who intercepte my tax returns to pay unpaid fines. And the lady at the time said yes we are gonna garnish your taxes for this so and so ticket. With that being said. Who is lieing here? Now back to me complaining in the back of the squad car. The one officer kept asking me questions I said I’m not talking to nobody. I want my LAWYER. As he kept asking questions I said plain as day. I want to REMAIN silent. This is my right. I’m under arrest for a warrant therefore I’m done answering questions and talking . As the other officer approached the squad car he tells me can u blow in this device. I said what. I have a breathalyzer in my truck and now u are doing this. I said I’m under ARREST for a warrant I’m not gonna do anything. I want to talk to my LAWYER now. I also told this officer I’m remaining SILENT. Well long story short they got me for refusal. They get a search warrant and draw blood. Keep in mind now. This gas been going on for about a hour and a half too two hours. I even say in the video. I guarantee you I’m gonna fail now. I should have just blown in your machine. Well the blood came back at a .62. So I got charged. Now at court never once did my LAWYER bring up my rights. We actually caught the police officer lieing on the stand. But once again he never said anything about that. I guess the biggest thing was when the blood antilist was on the stand. He just came out and said he did something different with my blood. And it was his first time doing the procedure. But when it was finally ready for us to argue our case. My LAWYER said he has nothing further. I’m thinking to myself (What.) As all the jury’s left he tells me. That I think we have a good chance. Well I got found guilty. Also keep in mind I told my LAWYER at jury trial that 2 of the jury’s where sleeping throughout everything. But once again he never said anything. After some time passed I’m always thinking how can someone be found guilty when i know for a fact i wasn’t. After everything was over I still had my breathalyzer. It was time to replace the devices head. Well we come to find out the circuit board for the head replacement was all corroded. So I thought maybe that is sending off mixed signals to the device. I don’t know for sure or not. But to be honest this case should have been dismissed the first time we went to court. It would have if I had a LAWYER like yourself. I guess after hearing all this. What are my options? Or don’t I have any. I know the next step was supreme court. But a LAWYER wouldn’t look at the case for under 20K. If there is nothing I can do. Then I want this to be known. I want the public to see everything that happened. How police can lie when pulling you over to lieing under oath on the stand and still get away with it. To violating a person’s rights and once again getting away with it thank you for your time.