Famous Lawyer: Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln is arguably one of the most recognizable Presidents of the United States. As the 16th president, he served at a very volatile and important time in the nation’s history. His life, and his death, are often discussed and well-known topics. What people may be less familiar with is his career choices before becoming the president.

In Lincoln’s early years he worked as a lawyer, protecting the rights of others under the law. Although he is often referred to as a “Country Lawyer,” Lincoln was, in actuality, a highly respected attorney. Although he naturally did not win all of his cases, he had garnered a respectable number of wins during the course of his career.

  • Lincoln taught himself principles of law.
  • Lincoln was able to become a lawyer courtesy of an 1833 Illinois law that said that a person could become a lawyer if a certificate was “procured from the court of Illinois county certifying to the applicant’s good moral character.”
  • Lincoln practiced law for 23 years.
  • Before starting his own practice, he was a junior attorney for two other firms.
  • As a lawyer, Lincoln tried more than 1,000 jury cases.
  • Lincoln represented a case before the Supreme Court; however, he lost after two days of hearings and following deliberations that took five days.
  • During the 1850s Lincoln had several cases involving the railroad industry.
  • Lincoln used an Almanac to solve his most famous case, which was known as the Almanac Trial.

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