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  1. If there is a criminal protective order and the person being restrained emails the protective party a message that they were going to call the persons job and get them fired, is it a violation even though there is peacefull communication allowed regarding children?

    1. The mere sending of an email from the restrained party to the protected party after the issuance of the order is a violation of that order.

      1. What about filing a TRO response . Through the court clerk who then tells you have to mail it to all parties involved and the Response is filed and stamped and you send it certified mail ? Case was even dismissed . What are the chances of it being prosecuted for a violation ?

  2. If the protected party comes to see the restrained at there place of residency is that counted as a violation of said protection order??!

  3. if person asking for restraining order continually calls texts and asks for money from defendant in order is she not also breaking said order

  4. If you have a court order to have possession of a vehicle and the person who has the restraining order takes the vehicle. Can you be in violation of the restraining order if you send a third party to go retrieve the vehicle from their home?

    1. You are not permitted to have any communication with the protected party, even through a third party. The best way to handle the situation is to have an attorney or the Sheriff assist you in obtaining the vehicle.

  5. I wonder if you can answer this for me please. I have a protection order against someone, he recently got out of prison but hes now sending me money orders in the mail. I do not want them, i do not want contacted from him. Nothing else is in the letter but the check, would he be violating his order by sending me these checks in the mail?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Highly likely. Unless there is a provision in the order indicating otherwise, he is not permitted to have any contact with you at all. This includes sending you money orders in the mail. You may report this to the prosecutor in the case to determine how they intend to enforce the protective order.

  6. Say someone I filed a restraining order against lied about having a weapon. What do I do? And what would the outcome be if they were able to prove they lied?

  7. I have a family member that was released from jail two months ago for domestic violence , he was released and had three years probation as well as domestic violence classes and a court ordered restraining order , last night him and his gf (victim) were pulled over and the cops ran both their ID’s and noticed that they weren’t supposed to be together so he took my brother in , he awaits his court hearing tomorrow . They got back together as a mutual agreement . Is there anyway he could prove this ? Or is he forsure going to be sent to county ? For violation of code 166A

  8. I was assaulted by the mother of my children. She recieved felony charges, then has her boyfriend message me.
    He’s sent unsolicited sexual pictures, insulted me.
    The police say she has to talk to me or that she has to talk to my family and have them contact me.

    She contacted my fiance and told her a lot about who I use to be along with some lies.

    Idk what to do,
    The police kinda take her side more less on most things.

    On top of this I’ve been alienated from my son’s.