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    1. Hi Ben. I’m sorry to hear that. Give us a call to determine if this is something with which we can help.

  1. Hi, I have a question. I bought a car from a private party, paid $3,100 cash, got the title signed off and notarized, plus a Bill of Sale. But can’t register it in my name because there is a hold on the title for an odometer discrepancy. I got caught driving it on 7 April. It got impounded for 30 days. The cop said to contact the person whose name is on the title, ask them to help get the car out of impound. I sent an email to the seller, but, never got a response. I went to the MVD in an attempt to try and register it again. They told me my title is no longer valid, because 2 titles were issued on April 12, and the car is not impounded. I called the seller and recorded him. He says, “it’s his car now, it doesn’t start, he had to tow it, it’s still in impound, he is out of state and not coming back, and says I never paid for the car therefore PayPal him buko bucks or he will donate the car and hangs up!” I called the police and got a report number for Theft by Fraud. Then, last week, me, my lawyer, and the seller met at the Police dept. with the detective. The seller wants money and says he has a map with instructions of where the car is. I don’t know where the car is or what condition it is in, so I don’t want to pay him any money. He stormed out and the cop says nothing. What is this called? I don’t think it is a civil matter!!! He has had my car for 2 months. I need my car.

    1. Hi Cyn: You should demand to make a report with your local police department. If they refuse, ask to speak with the watch commander and make a formal complaint. I’m sorry you are dealing with this. Hopefully it resolves soon.

  2. Hello, I have a question about the PC 10851(a) vc-f. I owed the vehicle they are charging me with. I have pink slip and registration is in my name. I had just moved and had no where to park the vehicle, so a so called friend said I could park it at his house. It and been there not even a week and I noticed it was gone. The agreement was that it was to be parked and not driven do to tags passed do and no insurance on it at the time. It was a couple of weeks and I found it sitting on the side of the road another 6-7 miles from where it should be. It was parked on a public street so I got in it and drove it home. A couple days later a couple of officer showed up. Asked me questions who the truck belong to and things. Next they put me in hand cuffs and arrested me on the 10851(a) vc-f as they was getting ready to put me in the car they searched me and found drugs and paraphernalia on me. So I was charged with that too. The officers got the arrest warrant for me on false information. The gentleman that was claiming my truck had a bill of sale no license plate number on it or vin number. Where I had pink slip and court documents that the truck was mine. While I sat in the officer car they allowed the gentleman to come ony property and take the truck with out showing them the bill of sale. They told my wife that if she didn’t give them the pink slip they would arrest her and call CPS because of are son. So she did put took a picture of front and back with officer holding it. When I was released from jail I went to them to make a report about my truck they wouldn’t take it at all. I went to dvm and got report on my truck and it hadn’t been reported stolen at all I have done other vin checks on it and still not coming up as stolen. I got dmv paperwork on the truck up tell the end of August. I was arrested on 6/5/2018. I am on my third lawyer do to conflict of interest of some of the people in the case. This has cost me jobs that I have applied for do to when they do a background it comes up. If they never got the arrest warrant on false information they would not of been at my home for anything else. I would not have been searched and they wouldn’t have found the drugs. I have been clean sense that day and trying to do right by my family. How can they charge me for my own vehicle? And then allowed the gentleman to take my truck that I did not sell to or give permission to anyone else to sell it on my behalf. Can you please maybe shed some light on this. I can’t find any case like this. Thank you for your time.