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  1. In 2016 got a Dui . 08,and2014 dui . 10 not sure offered deal for 2nd dui in 5 yr. Didn’t take it, attorney told me he could beat the . 08.lost and new law of 10 yr got me. So I end up with 3rd Dui from 2010.Right now I have 1 Dui in5 yrs or 2dui s in 10yrs.I personally had interlock put on my car. Love it. Pd fine off. Do I still have to do dui classes? I be done them over and over, jail time too. Only thing helpped me was interlock device. If I have to take dui classes, which one do I take? The One DUI class in 5yr period? Or the 2nd dui course or 3rd dui course. Are the dui classes sapost to go back 10 yr to? And I got the dui 2016,while in 52 week course. I thought getting a dui while in classes was added/included. I was nt told I had to start back over and pay for 52 more classes. Can I make a motion to Judge I keep interlock on car for 5 yr. And no Dui classes? They tricker me bad. The interlock cost me there’s no story’s to tell or hear. It flat out works and you can’t drive at all intoxicated. I was broke down made to stay sober and not drive because car will not start if you drink. This gave me the chance to stay clean from alcohol, and My mind and body healed. I needed that interlock to clear my mind. I wouldn’t be sober today if I didn’t put interlock on. I was forced my by own self to put device on my car. Prison didn’t work, sap didn’t , Sap is good though. I needed more interlock. Please help me w questions. I live in ky.

    1. Hi Trish: I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with your obligations. I strongly suggest you contact an attorney in KY as they are in the best position to advise you on how to best proceed in your case.