Resources On Investigations & Defenses In Criminal Cases

The central elements of criminal cases include the evidence, investigation and defenses utilized by defendants and or their attorneys. Legal defenses and their permitted use can change depending on the circumstances.

Legal Defenses For Criminal Law
  • Accident  – Understand when an accident defense can be utilized by a defendant.
  • Alibi – Find out about the how alibi’s play a role in defenses.
  • Double Jeopardy – This article explains when double jeopary may come in to play from leagl standpoint.
  • Duress Or Threats – Understand this defense and when it can be applied effectively.
  • Mistake Of Fact As A Defense To Criminal Charges – Find out if mistake of fact can be used as a defense under specific circumstances.
  • Self-Defense – Learn how California law interprets this defense and under what circumstances its valid.
  • Necessity Defense – Learn about the 6 elements that must be proved in a necessity legal defense
  • Entrapment – Understand what conduct is permissable for police officers
Driving Under The Influence Defenses
Additional Resources
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Legal Motions

Resources on legal motions that can be filed in court to help defend cases.

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