Media Appearances

Fox News, CNN, HLN, Fox Business, NBC, CBS
Brock Turner Case
Hannah Graham Case Analysis By Diana Aizman
Crime Watch Daily
Aaron Hernandez Trial
Oscar Pistorius Case
Robert Durst
Man Jailed Over Facebook Comments
Michael Brown Death
Indiana Explosion Trial
James Holmes Trial
Robert Kirk Murder
Diana Aizman discussing Airbnb
Geraldo Interview
Ronald Haskell Murder Spree
Officer Darren Wilson
Dallas Police Shooting
Nancy Grace
Google Executive Overdose
Bill Cosby Testimony
Dr Drew
Deborah Narvaez Trial
“Gone Girl” Kidnapping Case
Cal Harris Murder Trial
Capture of El Chapo
Adnan Syed Retrail
Virginia Shooter Kills Two Journalists
Diana Aizman discusses tragic killing of Harambe at Cincinati Zoo
Shooting Of Harambe
David Barajas Case
OJ Simpson Parole Hearing

Attorney Diana Aizman regularly provides legal commentary services for numerous national news outlets.