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  1. I am an attorney in Northern California representing a dentist before the Dental Board. He has three misdemeanor convictions in Los Angeles County that he believed he had expunged, but cannot find the paper work. I’d like to determine: 1) Whether the convictions have, in fact been expunged; and 2) Obtain certified copies of the orders of expungement.

    Can you help? Please contact me.


    Mike Pinkerton
    (916) 361-3695

  2. I have a misdemeanor it’s been 5 years can I get it cleared I tried getting a job at Lyft and was denied I never thought that because of that misdemeanor I would be denied I never committed any driving violations or anything like that. Is there any way that this can be cleared Lyft even gave me a copy of my criminal record I’m just looking around trying to find a way to get this of my record could you help?

    1. Hi Jaime: You can certainly apply for a dismissal if you are eligible. Give us a call to see how we can help.

  3. I have a misdemeanor petty theft convection from 20+ years ago. I am now looking to get my Real estate license. if I get my convection expunged will I only be able to get a restricted license or can I be given an unobstructed license?

    1. Hi Judi: You would still need to disclose the conviction and case information to the Department of Real Estate in CA if you are applying for licensure. Expungement per PC 1203.4 doesn’t remove that requirement. Regarding the type of license you would be eligible to receive: this question is better posed to an administrative licensing attorney familiar with the different types of licenses offered by the CA Department of Real Estate.

  4. I have a misdemeanor theft conviction where I was arrested back in 2008. Which still haunts me, I’m pursuing to become a registered nurse in California what steps would be best for me in handling this matter?

    1. Hi there. While you would still have to disclose your conviction to the nursing board upon license application (even if dismissed per PC 1203.4), it would benefit you in a job search. I recommend contacting our office to discuss the process of having the case dismissed.

  5. Hello,

    I’d like to have a case expunged, and I am wondering about how much you charge, just because I don’t have the time to do it.
    Where are you located, and how long it will take?

    Thank you.