Google Fonts

400: Too many fonts requested for Internet Explorer

Please request fewer web fonts for Internet Explorer or only the fonts which are used on this page. Older versions of Internet Explorer block and download ALL requested web fonts, whether they are used or not.

Requested (10) web fonts: Family{name=Abril Fatface, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v12} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Cabin, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v17} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wdth=100.0, wght=400.0}),Family{name=Indie Flower, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v12} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Lato, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v17} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Open Sans, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v18} (style: normal, weight: 300),Family{name=Oswald, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v35} (style: normal, weight: 400, {wght=400.0}),Family{name=PT Serif, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v12} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Roboto, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v20} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Roboto Condensed, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v19} (style: normal, weight: 400),Family{name=Source Sans Pro, foundry=Google, namespace=api, version=v14} (style: normal, weight: 400)

For reference, see the Google Fonts API documentation.

Never Call Saul

Calling AMC’s television series Breaking Bad a hit, while true, would simply not be doing it justice. The show is widely known as one of the greatest shows of all time with one of the largest viewerships, and after 5 seasons, ultimately took home sixteen Primetime Emmy Awards.

The show’s success was based largely on its incredible cast of characters and the situations and interactions they experience. The show follows Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as they plummet deeper and deeper into a world of crime while law enforcement and seasoned criminal kingpins seek to end their reign. To help weather the storm, the duo enlist the help of criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. Saul’s title is ironic, if anything, considering he is equal parts criminal and lawyer. While effective in his purpose of keeping the duo out of jail and most importantly, alive, he ends up delivering just as much harm as he does good.

While his commercials say “Better Call Saul”, those who have encountered him might warn: Never Call Saul.

Infographic created by Aizman Law Firm

Never Call Saul- Infographic