Promising Professions in Criminal Justice

There is currently a high demand in the criminal justice field; which means there are plenty of new and promising careers. These promising careers all offer excellent job security and high entry level salaries and benefits. Criminal justice encompasses so many different specialties, which means there is no shortage of opportunity and advancement in these fields. This guide by Aizman Law Firm will help you understand the opportunities in criminal justice.

Forensic Science

 Forensic Psychology

Law enforcement/ Police Officer

  • It is helpful for anyone interested in pursuing the law enforcement field to have proper salary expectations. This website features a police officer salary calculator, categorized by state.
  • A resource guide to a career as a police officer. It includes information on education and training, salary and benefits, career outlook, special skills, and working conditions. It is crucial that students understand that physical fitness if an imperative part of this career, physical training and exercise are necessary to excel in this field.

Click here to view the guide

Law Enforcement/FBI Agent

  • The FBI website features all the necessary information for anyone interested in becoming an FBI agent. It details all the requirements which include critical thinking skills, test scores, and physical fitness. It also explains the application process and includes a frequently asked questions section. This website also offers salary and benefits information. FBI info on becoming a special agent
  • An entry level FBI agent can make approximately $40,000 per year, however, more experienced agents can earn up to $80,000- 90.000 per year. Salary info for FBI Agents with Masters Degrees
  • The application to the FBI is one of the most selective in the entire nation. An article about the day in the life of an FBI agent


Further info on a career as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Homeland Security

  • The Department of Homeland Security website offers current jobs openings, types of jobs offered, history, and information regarding this exciting career path. This department employees over 240,000 people, all with the mission of keeping American safe. Careers at the Department of Homeland Security
  •  When looking into a career in Homeland Security, it is important to know the requirements and opportunities for those interested in this career path. There are more initiatives being launched which means that this career is expected to grow through the year 2018. Information on selecting a career in homeland security.
  • The Dept of Homeland Security was started in 2001 and it has grown to employ over 183,000 professionals, demonstrating a demand for these positions.

Information for those interested in pursing a career path in homeland security.

Computer Security

  • The Committee of National Security Systems was formerly known as the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee.

Their site features info on the development of computer security in criminal justice.

  • has information on The National protection and Progrmas Directorate’s national Cyber Security Division ( NCSD).  Including how to apply.

Info on the NCSD from the Dept. of Homeland Security

  • It is important to be familiar with the duties, expectations, knowledge, education, and advancement opportunities for a Computer Security Specialist. It is imperative that anyone entering this field have strong mathematical, logic and reasoning skill An example of a career guide for a computer security specialist.
  • Website features information on annual yearly salaries ($71,000 per year) for those working within the computer security sector. View more cyber security salary information here


View more salary information for Corrections Officers here.

Customs Agent

Border Patrol Agents

  • has a detailed and thorough qualification and requirements list for border patrol agents (a four year degree is not required but the individual must pass a three section exam). View the list here

Anyone accepted into the Border Patrol program will need to attend a five month training.

This website features a brief overview on the career path for border patrol agents.