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  1. I was arrested and took to the police station and released a few hours later with a ticket for pc 417 brandishing a weapon (BB Gun) i have Court Feb 2018, will i go to jail when i go to court ? I have no previous tickets or arrest other than a ticket for no insurance

  2. If the person making the threat pats his side or pocket during an argument to imply he has a gun, is that person brandishing, even if I didn’t see a weapon?

    v/r frank

  3. Hi Diana;
    At the gas station today, a man followed me out of the store, approached me as I started to pump gas, made obscene hand gestures to me in his car and said something. As I pumped my gas I calmly called him back to ask if there was a problem. He blocked me in upon coming back in a way I could not leave and then after an exchange said to me he was “going to kill me if I told anyone he had committed a hit and run I was familiar with.” I am a CCW holder here in TN. I did NOT draw my gun. However, I did not know this stranger and when he blocked me in, then said he was going to “kill me” I finished my gas pumping, backed away and as I left adjusted my shirt in such a way that if I needed to defense myself, I could have. I later returned and asked the store clerk to call police if he returned to them and gave the clerk my business card. I then learned he was in the parking lot -drunk apparently- and had also called the police because he claimed I threatened him with a gun. My legal CCW pistol was never removed, but I had to position my over shirt in a way to be prepared to defend myself if this stranger was going to follow through on his threat to kill me. I got in my truck and fled from him back home. While explaining the situation to my wife, and preparing to call the police, the police called me. I responded and they had me write a statement. I let them search my vehicle and gave all of my information freely… Fearing for my life at the time, am I in violation of PC417, brandishing a firearm even though this stranger followed me, harassed me, when called back blocked me in, then verbally threatened to “kill me”? My actions against this total unknown stranger were out of fear and preparation of self defense if needed against his unknown intentions?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Reid,

      I am not licensed to practice law in Tennessse and so I can not comment on your particular situation. I would recommend contacting a local attorney to discuss your situation.

  4. Before getting into a situation where you MUST defend yourself with a firearm you are crazy if you do not inform the aggressor that you are armed. This is something that even a snake does to avoid escalation. I prefer to defend a false charge of brandishing to the civil and criminal consequences of shooting someone when it could possibly could have been avoided.

    1. Thank God the founders of this great nation understood that ONLY with armed citizens can a nation stay free.