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  1. My son accepted a plea bargain for 20 years. His plea bargand charges were for 211, 5 years, gun enhancement 10 years gang enhancement 5 years. His original charges were attemted murder, shooting at a car . i feel that the attorney was incompetent and never really got into my sons case! There is a lot of holes in the prosecutions case and my son was scared of getting a life sentence. So is this legal he was charged in california.

    1. Sounds like he was represented by a “public pretender” if he hasn’t been Sentenced yet he should fire his attorney immediately and ask for better proper counsel! Also 99 percent of the time when takin to trial even on serious charges they almost always offer probation even when they have decent evidence etc . He really should take it trial even though I understand it’s a scary road to take .. 20 years isn’t a good offer . In my opinion he has nothing to lose takin it to trial