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  1. I was pulled over for “white light emitting from my tail light” (cracked tail light). The Sheriff put his dog in my car, the dog found 3/4lb Marijuana. The officer then searched me and took $5K from me. He seized the $ and Pot, then sited me for the tail light and sent me on my way.
    Somehow they got a warrant to search my home, when they searched my home, they took my copy of the original situation for broken tail light.
    6 months later they put out an arrest warrant. Several years later I was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. When I went to court I discovered that I had been charged with a DUI.
    I told my attorney that the DUI was a false charge, but he insisted that I plead to it as part of the Sentencing Deal/Agreement.
    Later I went to court records and got a DL 157 showing that the alleged DUI was not found in the judicial records.
    I wonder if the false DUI was a way of convincing the Judge to issue a warrant?
    I imagine that they used my PG&E history to secure a search warrant.
    I don’t imagine the DA fabricated the DUI Citation. I don’t think the Sheriff who pulled me over would change the reason for stopping me.
    I believe that the Sheriffs’ Sargent, the one who reported the “bust” to the local News Paper, presumably, also the same who presented the Affidavit to get a search warrant, and, who lead the team who tore apart my home…
    I believe he fraudulently reported to the Prosecuting DA.
    What is my best course of action?

    1. Hi Shawn: Your best course of action depends on what you are tying to accomplish. You can file a complaint with the internal affairs unit of the Sheriff’s Department. Beyond that, it depends on how aggressive you want to get.