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  1. My Boyfriend and his ex got into an argument 6 years ago and she call the cops on him. he ran because he is undocumented. we recently went to pull his previous dui info and come to find out that dv case is still open with a bench warrant. his ex claimed she dropped the charges. he didnt hit her. she is actually the violent one but being a man he wont admit that she would hit him. what should he do?

    1. Hi Juanita: His ex doesn’t have the authority to “drop the charges.” Only a prosecutor may dismiss pending charges unless the Judge determines there is a legal basis for a dismissal after a motion by a party to the action. Your boyfriend needs to hire an attorney to assist him with having the warrant recalled and appropriately handling the case thereafter.

          1. Laws are different from state to state. We are only licensed in California and therefore can not advise you as to the laws in Michigan.

  2. My husband was a passenger in a drunk driving accident that killed his friend, the driver. A year later he is being charged with driving and trying to cover up… AND a charge of if he was not the driver ‘he had a legal responsibility to not allow him to drive with involuntary manslaughter’. We are heading to court in April for a jury trial. I still can’t believe they can accuse you of something, then say… but if you didn’t… Anyway, we can prove 100% he was not driving. So now we have been told the family of his friend want my husband ‘to pay and will not back down.’ I am very confused as to HOW the family can tell the prosecutor what they want and continue to get it? Can you please help me understand this. If the family would except what happened, an accident, we would not be in this mess. If my husband was injured would I then be able to press charges on his friend’s family? Why does the family have so much influence in the court?

  3. My wife called cops on me and told them I hit her,she gave them pictures and everything but she’s not going to go to court and testify,can the d.a still prosecute???