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  1. Can I go to jail after receiving a personal recognizance bond driving with suspended license and no insurance causing a minor accident.

  2. How long does State of Indiana have to charge you after you have been released on own recognizance?

    1. Hi Timmy: Every state has different laws and it would be more prudent to contact an attorney familiar with the laws in Indiana. We are in California and therefore cannot advise you on issues pertaining to Indiana laws.

  3. Hi… I received a failure to appear for court on a forgery charge more than 2,000 but under 10,000, as well as 2cts of breach of trust under 2,000. I missed court due to being at my doctors appointment doing chemotherapy and have all doctor notes. Due to my illness and me still being sick. Can I hire an attorney to clear up the failure to appear in my absence due to my illness?

  4. Just wanted to say my free consultation was a great help in my decision. I can already tell you’d be an excellent choice could I afford it.

      1. My girlfriend has 3 fta’s, it says felony/misdemeanor:m does that mean it’s a misdemeanour? And shes been in for a month,do you think they will let her out,and as her boyfriend, how do I find out things to help her get out? Sorry this just sucks…shes so depressed…

  5. Hi!! I went to jail in santa barbara for about 12 hrs for being drunk, and gave me a citation to appear in court in one more month, would I go to jail from court? And in my release note says a bond for $1000 and booked as status

    Thank you so much!

  6. What happens if I dont drug test but I show up to court? I was released upon signing a “supervised own recognizance” contract out of napa county and I dont understand why I have to drug test. My charges weren’t drug related nor am i on probation/parole, also napa is far from where I’m at so I want to know what would happen if I didn’t show up to drug test for this supervised own recognizance probation officer on the day it says to and just go to the court date