Sentencing In Criminal Cases

Sentencing involves the final requirements of a court case that are achieved via negotiation or trial. A defendants sentence may involve different elements such as a fine, probation, educational classes, electronic monitoring, jail time or any combination thereof.

Post Conviction Sentencing Laws
  • Understanding The Probation Process – Probation is designed as a way for the court to maintain supervision while you stay out of trouble and obey all orders of the court.
  • How The Parole Process Works – This process involves the early release of an inmate based on specific conditions.
  • Drug Diversion – Penal Code 1000 – Learn about the penal code 1000 which allows non-violent drug offenders to receive treatment rather than serve jailtime.
  • Proposition 47 – Find out how the prop 47 ballot initiative changed sentencing guidelines for specific violations and reclasssified soem from misdemenaors to felonies.
  • Electronic Monitoring – This article explains the various electronic monitoring options that may be used in plea bargain negotiations between attorney and prosecutor.
  • Felony Sentencing After Realignment – This explains felony sentencing guidelines after realignment.
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Military Diversion
Diana Aizman Explains Proposition 47
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