Sex Crimes

Crimes which are of a sexual nature

Sex crimes are offenses comitted involving illegal sexual conduct. Sex crimes vary in severity and can be filed as misdemeanors or felonies.  Many sex crimes in California require lifetime sex offender registration.

Crimes Committed In Public
  • Indecent Exposure –  Learn about the laws and penalties for indecent exposure in California.
  • Lewd Conduct – Get information about what constitutes lewd conduct including frequently asked questions.
Crimes Associated With Prostitution
Sex Crime Informational Videos
Diana Aizman Discusses Prostitution
Diana Aizman Discuss Lewd Conduct
Diana Aizman Discusses Indecent Exposure
Violent Sex Crimes or Unwanted Touching
  • Rape – An in depth overview of the what is considered rape in California.
  • Spousal Rape – The penalties for spousal rape can be severe. Learn more from this article.
  • Statutory Rape – Understand the applications of this law in California.
  • Sexual Battery – Discover the consequences, and learn the defenses to this crime which is defined as unwanted touching in a sexual manner.
Post Conviction
Additional Resources
lawyer and defendant in court
Court Appearances

Find out what steps are taken in criminal cases.

Motion to dismiss paperwork
Legal Motions

Resources on legal motions that can be filed in court to help defend cases.

judge reading criminal sentence

Learn about sentencing in criminal cases and post conviction matters.