Sexual Assault Crime Prevention

Sex crimes are a prevalent and controversial problem on both a national and an international scale. Modern sex crimes may involve a single or group of sexual offenders. The victim of sex crimes may experience a variety of grotesque and unwelcoming sexual acts; the most predominate sexual crimes in the western world include rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, human trafficking, and prostitution.

Law enforcement agencies have executed many strategies that aim to protect men, women, and especially children from sexual offenders. Any sexually deviant act with a minor can literally ruin the lives of those who expose them to inappropriate material, gestures, and acts. Every sexual offender has their name entered into a national registry that informs entire neighborhoods of their whereabouts, including their current residential address. Below our criminal defense attorneys provide resources on thses crimes.


Rape involves forcible sexual intercourse initiated by one or more persons against a non-consenting individual. A rapist may exert physical force, abuse their authority, threaten, or blackmail an individual into having sexual intercourse against their will. Rape knows no boundaries as it happens in all regions of the world. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), sexual violence and coercion via rape ranks as the highest under-reported violet crime. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that ninety-one percent of all rape victims happen to be women and nine percent male. In addition, an astounding ninety-nine percent of all rapists are male. Rape may also occur between the victim and a person he or she knows personally.

Sexual Battery/Assault

Sexual battery or assault involves physically touching another person in a sexual manner without consent. Sexual assault frequently occurs as a male-female combination, with the male being the offending party. Sexual assault involves an involuntary sexual act between threatened, coerced, or forced individuals against their will. It may involve sexual penetration of the vaginal or anal canal with another object, or forced oral penetration. Sexual assault may range in severity from forced kissing to the brutal torture of a victim in a sexual context.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has exploded on across the world’s black market, with more women and children being forced into prostitution through reproductive slavery. Human trafficking has become the modern form of slavery for unfortunate people around the world. No governmental agency has explicitly defined human trafficking; however, most consider it the involuntary servitude and sexual exploitation of men, women, and children for the sole purpose of commercial gain. Many human traffickers subject their victims to forced prostitution through coercion, deception, and bondage through debt owed. Some victims of human traffickers may become sexual slaves to their new “owners,” which may also entail uncompensated labor.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse, also known as child molestation, involves the inappropriate exposure of sexual images, gestures, or acts to minors. Pedophiles are sexual offenders who engage in pressuring adolescents into engaging in illegal sexual activities. A percentage of cases involve a parent or legal guardian who intentionally victimizes their children for their own pleasure. Many forms of child sexual abuse include enticing a child to perform sexual acts through bribery and deception, indecent exposure of the genitals for self-gratification, or to inappropriately groom a child through physical contact. Other forms of child sexual abuse may include forced sexual intercourse and using a child to produce pornography. Adolescents who become victims of child sexual abuse may experience severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety attacks, and may have an urge to commit the same sexual abuse they had experienced.

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