Steps In A Criminal Case

The various steps in a criminal process range from prior to the arrest all the way to sentencing. Each phase of a case is extremely important and a defendant should seek qualified cousel to help them.

  • Arrest Warrants – Learn about the requirements for an arrest warrant.
  • Bench Warrants – Understand what needs to be done to clear a bench warrant.
Phases of A Criminal Case
  • Who Presses Charges The Prosecutor Or The Victim? – Its important to understand who has the power to file crimes in the city attorney or district attorneys office.
  • Hiring An Attorney – This article discusses an important consideration when faced with criminal charges.
  • Arraignment – This is the first court date ina criminal court case.
  • Plea Bargain Process – Learn about the process of negotiation that may result in a plea bargain.
  • Preliminary Hearing – These hearings may only happen as part of felony criminal matters.
  • Trial – Learn about the steps taken in a criminal trial.
  • Jury Selection – Read About The Voir Dire Process In Jury Selection
  • Sentencing – Understand the sentencing process in a criminal case.
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Post Conviction

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