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  1. The driveway of my house and my neighbor’s house are right next to each other. I have to use roughly 15-20 feet of her driveway to bring in my trash cans because one of my vehicles blocks my driveway in such a way that I cannot use my own driveway to bring them in without moving the vehicle into the street entirely. Is this illegal in California? Am I trespassing on her property? Can I be sued for this?

  2. My brother was staying with me and my boyfriend while he was going to court. My boyfriend owns the home. My boyfriend and brother got into an argument and my boyfriend told him to leave. I told my brother to stay. My boyfriend called the sheriff department. when the deputies arrived I one asked my brother to leave. I told my brother to stay where he was. I looked right at the deputy and told him I’m going to go get my keys to take him. As soon I as left my living room, two additional deputies entered the home and pulled my brother to the ground, tasered, pepper sprayed him right in front of my 12 year old. My brother has now been charged with trespassing, Obstructing an exclusive officer X3, resisting arrest X3. All felony counts except the trespassing. Neither my boyfriend or myself asked for any charges to be filed, or asked for my brother to be remove from the property.

  3. Hello, there was a conflict between my boyfriend and my brother. My brother is claiming to take action against my boyfriend for trespassing the property. My boyfriend is 17, underage, I live in the house and personally know him, therefore I don’t see him as a trespasser. My boyfriend came to the apartment with the intention of seeing me but since conflict happened between him and my brother, my boyfriend tried entering my home with the intention of fighting, after being provoked. The fight was stopped before it could happen. With all the details given, and im willing to give more, is that enough to take action agaisnt my boyfriend as a trespasser or is my brother just trying to put fear into me?