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  1. Yes I was in a motor vehicle accident back in 2016 just 17 days before I was in a very bad motorcycle wreck witch I was injured and had a concussion it was nobody’s fault a deer jumped in front of me i had to leave the road at 60 miles a hour stopped dead into a hillside anyway at the time I had been on Xanax for years never abused it took 4 a day for years at the time of the vehicle wreck it was at night snow and rain I believe I was hit don’t remember the police said my head was bleeding I guess from hitting the driver window or windshield I don’t remember I know I was knocked out for a couple minutes not sure police took me to hospital and said they were going to get a blood test I refused and said I think I need to talk to an attorney I keep going in and out of conscientious from my concussion what is the amount of Xanax in your blood to make it unlawful I had a bad attorney know one would give me that info ?