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  1. Bro I got arrested a few days ago me and Michaela were having an arguement so I went outside to take a breath and this one dude who has the loudest voice out of everybody here starts talking shit about me and saying I’m treating my girl wrong that’s why we have so many problems so I told him to shut his ass up and mind his own business but he kept raising his voice till he made me feel even worse I walked inside to let things simmer down and yes I was buzzed I had a few beers but I wasn’t being violent at all I just walked back inside and paced for a second trying to balance my equilibrium and went to go apologize about snapping on him from my front door balcony literally rright in front of my front door no where else and all of a sudden they had 6 cops here for lil old me I was like are you serious right now so I walked down the stair case and went to speak with the police like hi there I didn’t do anything and they just held me there and acted like they just wanted to know what was going on but they never said one thing except my name and then they said okay just wait right here and they sent two officers to talk to Michaela upstairs and she told them that I didn’t do anything we just had an arguement and yeah he had a few beers but he shouldn’t have to go to jail they said okay we dont want him to go to jail either but that it’s not up to us it’s up to our buddy downstairs and then they walked away from her and all of a sudden they are putting me in the back of a police car and I was like wtf is going on I have to go to work tomorrow I literally almost got fired because I couldn’t contact my boss in the holding cell I spent a day and a half and had to take a short nap when I got home and then go work an 8 hour shift at a job I nearly lost it really tested my patience it embarrassed me in front of my new managers and I could have lost my place to live and everything I have all because some jackass with a loud voice got the cops called and and said I was trying to start a fight over a balcony railing he started talking shit when they showed up too telling me maybe I learn my lesson before talking shit I didn’t know telling somebody to stay in their own lane so to speak was a violation of my Summary probation and now its messing with something I’ve been trying real hard to let go of and I feel like I was arrested on no actual basis other then the smell of alcohol and because I’m on probation they just took me in anyway the man with the loud voice has a son that lives here at the extended stay motel that me and my girlfriend pay 1400 a month to live at and calls his son to come beat my ass and/throw me off the balcony because he felt I disrespected him so he basically threatened my life and due to all the police involved I froze up and didn’t say anything thinking I was gonna go back to my room the dude involved himself in mine and my my girlfriends issues and instated a fight that got me put in jail and after I was taken away the dude tells my girlfriend dont worry he’ll be back in the morning as if that some kind of constellation prize I spent 30+ hours in holding worried sick about the safety of my girlfriend ……anyways I’ll stop feel free to ask questions!!!!