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  1. Is deleting files on someone else’s account considered vandalism? Like if a Google Drive account is in the library computer and someone deleted the files on the account

    1. Typically there are separate penal code sections dealing with the deletion of files that do not belong to the person deleting them. The intent of the perpetrator is an important consideration.

  2. Is there a separate statute for destruction of state property, i.e. vandalizing something that is owned by the state? Excellent explanations, thank you.

  3. My brother keyed a 9 foot long deep scratch in my 2020 Honda Civic. Then he spit on it. If I file a police report, his prints and dna (he’s a felon) will come back a match. I have the receipt from a car wash I had just taken it to prior to the damage. The only prints will come back is the person who caused $2410.70 worth of damage to the new car. Not to mention that is my work vehicle, so I’m lossing work, while the car is being repaired.