Resources: California Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are those when the defendants action could cause physical injury to the victim. These crimes vary depending on the relationship between the defendant and the victim and the severity of the injury caused.

Assault & Battery
Domestic Violence
Informational Videos On Violent Crimes
Diana Aizman Discusses Domestic Battery
Diana Aizman Discusses Battery Charges
Diana Aizman Discusses Assault With A Deadly Weapon
Battery With Serious Bodily Injury
Assault With Force Likely To Produce Great Bodily Injury
Resisting Or Obstructing An Executive Officer
Attorney Diana Aizman Discusses Robbery Charges
Non-Fatal Crimes Against People
  • Kidnapping: Learn about California’s laws on kidnapping.
  • Kidnapping during the commission of a carjacking: This article explains the penalty enhancement for a carjacking.
  • False Imprisonment: Find out the legal defenses and penalties for penal code 273(a)
  • Criminal Threats: Read about how California applies its criminal threat laws.
  • Mayhem: Understand the elements, defense and penalties for the crime of mayhem.
  • Aggravated Mayhem: California’s criminal law for penal code 203.
  • Torture: This article explains the legal elements of the crime of torture and its penalties.
  • Elder Abuse: Learn about what constitutes elder abuse under California law.
  • Criminal Hazing: This article explains California’s criminal hazing law which was enacted in 2006.
  • Robbery: Detailed explanation of this crime and its legal elements.
Additional Resources
lawyer and defendant in court
Court Appearances

Find out what steps are taken in criminal cases.

Motion to dismiss paperwork
Legal Motions

Resources on legal motions that can be filed in court to help defend cases.

judge reading criminal sentence

Learn about sentencing in criminal cases and post conviction matters.